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Housed within the Latin American Association (LAA)’s Youth Department, the Latino Youth Leadership Academy is an after-school program passionate about equipping the next generation of Latino youth with the right tools for them to succeed both academically and personally.

We offer:

  • College & career readiness
  • Be amongst the first to hear about scholarships & financial aid opportunities
  • Opportunities to hear from leaders in the community
  • A space to be with your friends and meet new people
  • Be a part of field trips such as Atlanta Utd. games, Alliance Theater, corporate office visits, and college tours
  • Volunteering opportunities

LYLA Themes:

  • Mental health
  • College & career exploration
  • Parent guidance & involvement
  • Cultural identity
  • Financial aid (FAFSA & Scholarships)

Partner schools:

  • Crosskeys High School
  • Meadow Creek High School
  • Chamblee Charter High School
  • Lakeside High School
  • Dalton Academy
  • Lilburn Middle school
  • Sequoyah Middle school


LYLA Summer Academic Program

7th-grade registration 

8th-grade registration 

9th-grade registration 

10th and 11th-grade registration 

Virtual Camp registration 

Monday – Thursday | 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

July 6 – July 22 (Gwinnett students)

A five-week summer academic enrichment program operating four days per week and six hours per day. This program will proactively prevent summer learning loss and promote positive youth activity during the time school is out. Summer activities will closely follow those activities offered during the school-year program, with additional youth development activities, including leadership development and career exploration.

Focus on Math, Science and Language Arts

LYLA Objectives:

  1. Students succeed academically.
  2. Students are committed to learning and empowered to make changes for themselves.
  3. Parents are engaged in their child’s education.
  4. Teachers support Latino students through the implementation of best practices

Latino Youth Leadership Academy (LYLA)

Research shows that engaging Latino youth and their families in school leads to better student performance. The year-round Latino Youth Leadership Academy initiative, offered now at six metro Atlanta schools with a high percentage of Latinos, provides middle school and high school students with an after-school program that teaches them skills needed to succeed in school and college; leadership development; cultural and physical activities; test preparation and academic support; digital literacy; and college and career exploration through field trips, career days and mentorships. Parent involvement is a critical component of this initiative.

1:1 High School Senior Advising Sessions 

1:1 counseling is exclusive to seniors in the LYLA program and those students who have registered to the Pathway to College series. The one-hour sessions are to discuss the progress of the students during their senior year. It is important for the student to understand that they must have all of their high school credits or they will not be eligible to graduate and apply for college. We also take the time to explain to students the importance of requesting recommendation letters and to request their transcripts.

At times there are families who are concerned regarding their immigration status and that is where we emphasize that every child in the U.S. has the opportunity to still achieve higher education. We share resources for DACA recipients and share resources for undocumented students on how they can still apply for college. The funding may be different compared to a U.S. citizen but knowing that there are opportunities available, motivates the student and family as a whole.

Lastly, we answer any questions the students or parents may have regarding FAFSA status or applying for scholarships. Due to the pandemic, we try our best to accommodate our schedule to the student’s and family’s availability.

Latino College Resources


Our staff conducts several college access workshops each year for high school students and their parents focused on topics such as applying to college, getting financial aid and succeeding in college.


We also work with school administrators, teachers and other community organizations – such as Teach for America — in offering cultural competency training. These sessions are aimed at providing proven strategies for teaching Latino students and supporting their academic success. We believe that Youth Education is the key to success.

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