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Spring has sprung, and as our clients blossom along with us, we are here to provide and support them through their whole journey. As the gateway to understanding and navigating the American way of life, we decode the barriers and complexities of living in Georgia while being their point of entry, safety net, or last resort.

The LAA is a one-stop shop where clients can come in for crisis intervention, preventative services, or household stabilization. We are proud to be the catalyst that moves Latinos toward achieving the American dream and enjoying prosperity.

For our Spring Campaign, we want to highlight Patricia Flores and her journey with us at the LAA.

Patricia Flores has been a client of the LAA for over six years. She arrived because she could not leave a crisis situation that was affecting her and her kids. Cynthia Roman, VP of the Family Stabilization and Well-Being department, gave her the initial push she needed to accept the tools and resources that would help her get out of the current situation.

Cynthia led her to the Immigration department, where she was able to analyze her option and pursue a case that would give her and her family stability. Once she was more stable, she met Mabel del Valle, who put the idea in her head that she, indeed, was able to start her own business. After taking the Avanzando Juntas 8-week program twice, she still felt like she needed more technical training. Patricia has taken every course the Economic Empowerment team offers to ensure her skills are up to date. She is even using AI today! She took the decision that she was going TO BE THE CHANGE in her family! Patricia has a registered business now and is finding contracts.

Patricia Flores is a product of the LAA’s new holistic strategy and collaboration between departments to fulfill our mission to empower Latinos to adapt, integrate and thrive. Please join us in donating to help other business owners, immigrants, and mothers like Patricia.

When Latinos thrive, Georgia prospers!

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