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Pathway to Success

The Latin American Association brings back its successful “Pathway to College,” in the Spring for a 4-part virtual series for students and parents. Join us as we explore the process of choosing the right college, completing application materials, applying for financial aid and scholarships, and the path to your future career. We will offer sessions at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. each day, with the same information presented at both (bilingually in English and Spanish!). Registration is required for this event.

Pathway to Success: 4-Part Virtual Series

  • Part 1:
    What to Do in High School and My Options After (5/22)
    High school timeline highlights
    College & career options post-high school
  • Part 2:
    Admissions and College 101 (5/29)
    College admissions process
    General college insights
    Tips and tricks
  • Part 3:
    Apprenticeships and Technical College 101 (6/5)
    Benefits of technical colleges
    Opportunities in apprenticeships
  • Part 4:
    Financial Aid (6/12)
    Types of financial aid
    How and where to find aid
    Application guidance

College access workshops

Our staff conducts several college access workshops each year for high school students and their parents focused on topics such as applying to college, getting financial aid and succeeding in college.

Cultural competency training

We also work with school administrators, teachers and other community organizations – such as Teach for America — in offering cultural competency training. These sessions are aimed at providing proven strategies for teaching Latino students and supporting their academic success. We believe that Youth Education is the key to success.

Hispanics are the largest and youngest minority group in the United States, yet they drop out of high school at higher rates than their peers. According to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, nearly half of Latino students leave school by the 8th grade, and more than an astounding 88 percent of Hispanics do not possess a bachelor’s degree.

While barriers such as immigration status and lack of financial means can get in the way of pursuing higher education, Latino students can make their college dreams a reality. We offer a treasure trove of information and resources for Latino students who want to go to college.

National directory of scholarships, internships, and fellowships for latino students

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute offers a comprehensive directory of scholarships, internships and fellowships for Latino students and young professionals, as well other resources. The publication also features a list of the Top 25 Colleges and Universities for Hispanics.

Download scholarship directory (PDF)

Scholarship resources

This quick guide offers links to websites that contain information on scholarships and financial aid for Latino college students, as well as helpful resources for applying to college. Students who are permanent legal residents or citizens can qualify for state or federal financial aid. Plus, all students, regardless of immigration status, are encouraged to seek private scholarships for their educational expenses. Resources include the Hispanic College Fund, the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute and Sally
Mae, among others.

Download Scholarships and Resources sheet

The ultimate guide for college-bound undocumented georgia students

This publication discusses the options available to undocumented students who graduate from high school and want to pursue higher education in Georgia, from two-year technical schools and four-year public colleges to private universities.

Guide for college bound undocumented georgia students (pdf)

The following websites are valuable sources of information for latino students who want to go to college.

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