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From Adversity to Empowerment

The Latin American Association has long recognized the importance of understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by the Latino community in Georgia. From Adversity to Empowerment, through our mission and services, the LAA creates opportunities that enable growth and collaboration among different sectors of society, supporting economic mobility and prosperity for Latinos.

The Driving Force of Georgia’s Economy

Latinos are a driving force in Georgia’s economy, a state that prides itself in being the No. 1 state for business year after year. Latinos contribute significantly to critical industries such as construction, agriculture, and flooring. Their high workforce participation, younger median age, purchasing power, and high rates of entrepreneurship demonstrate the crucial role Latinos play in Georgia’s economic success story.

Yet, for all the prosperity they create, Latinos are not experiencing economic mobility and they have ways to go in achieving social and economic equity. They continue to lag in many socio-economic indicators, including wages, home ownership, educational attainment, wealth creation, and many more. This is where the LAA’s work comes in. The LAA is committed to minimizing these issues and helping Latinos achieve self-sufficiency.

A One-Stop Shop for Latino Empowerment

After collecting data for the past 3 years, we developed a new strategic planning to address the Latino needs and to help our community flourish. For over 50 years, the LAA’s service model provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Latino community in Georgia:

  • Family Well-being: The LAA connects individuals and families to healthcare resources and offers health education programs to help Latino families adapt.
  • Immigration Services: Our immigration attorneys offer legal assistance to those looking to obtain work permits and to victims of violence and their families, helping them navigate the complex legal system and ensuring that their rights are protected.
  • Language: The LAA provides ESL and Spanish classes to help individuals improve their language skills, enhance their educational opportunities, and integrate into their community.
  • Youth Services: The LAA provides Mentorship, After-school Programs (or Summer program), and Latino Youth Leadership Academy to empower the next generation of Latinos to develop their full potential and achieve their dreams.
  • Economic Empowerment: Through Job Trainings, Job Fairs, and the Latina Entrepreneurship Program, the LAA helps individuals gain the skills and resources necessary to secure the employment necessary to Thrive.

Building Bridges for Opportunities

The LAA has received a lot of support throughout the years. Thanks to the generous contributions from our donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers we have been able to support over 40,000 of families and individuals this year. The Latin American Association plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between prominent companies like Coca-Cola and Georgia Power with the vibrant Latino community. By facilitating mutual understanding and collaboration, we help these businesses tap into the rich cultural resources and talent pool of the Latino community, driving growth and innovation for both parties.

These synergies bring numerous benefits to the Latino community, including increased access to job opportunities, professional development, economic growth, and funding for programs that help struggling individuals of the community get back on their feet and achieve the American Dream. By partnering with these companies, we are able to create a supportive network that empowers Latinos to fully participate in the workforce and contribute to the prosperity of Georgia’s economy. These connections enable Latinos to share their unique perspectives, skills, and diversity, enriching the cultural and inclusive fabric of the business environment.

The Latin American Association is dedicated to being a voice for the Latino community, addressing its unique challenges, and building connections that contribute to a more supportive and diverse society. Through our range of services, we empower our community and help the state reach its full potential. Remember, when Latinos Thrive, Georgia Prospers.

The LAA’s work depends on generous contributions from individuals like yourself. Please consider making a donation today by clicking here.

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