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For financial assistance, clients need to complete a pre-screening form to assess eligibility. Eligibility will depend on funding requirements.

IMPORTANT: In order to evaluate if you qualify for the financial assistance service you must go through the pre-screening/pre-qualification process. We give priority to families with children in the process of evaluating applications. After pre-qualification, appointments will be given and supporting documents will be requested. Once documentation is complete and verify, financial assistance will be provided.


  • Low income families
  • House/apartment should be your only residency/Lease or mortgage under client’s name.
  • You must be willing to sign our authorizations forms to verify all documents.
  • In some cases based – you will receive a visual inspection & Lead Based Paint Screening of your property.
  • You must not have already received financial assistance from the Latin American Association in the last 12 months.
  • You may be denied services if you falsify a document or have been dishonest in the eligibility evaluation interview.
  • You must be willing to establish a plan with future goals to stabilize your situation.
  • The payment is limited to one month of assistance for the period of the expenditure and must guarantee stable housing for the following 30 days
  • The process can take up to three days depending on how fast the required documents are provided and completed – checks will take at least one day after the supporting documents and forms are complete.


  • ID that is not expired
  • Lease contract (or bills for utility assistance) under your name not expired
  • Family members information (birth certificates)/copy of SS#
  • Proof of income if any – remember that we will call employer to verify information – income information is necessary funding to qualification.
  • Proof of emergency: For example: an illness or death in the family, reduction in work hours or pay, separation notice, job loss, accident or been a victim of a crime, natural disaster or domestic violence.
  • Landlord Business card – rental verification form.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE is offering in two offices (Main Office, Dalton and Lawrenceville Office).

Monday through Friday – 8:30am-5pm
Due to the high volume of families that come to consult with us, we have designed the Walk-In and Appointment System to assist you better.
Please be advised that each outreach center works differently.

For more information, see below.


2750 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta GA 30324 – 1rst Floor
Tel. (404)638-1800/1839 from 9-12pm
Fax: (404) 638-1891

How we served the public?
Mornings: First-come, first-served basis (especially for benefits enrollments)
Afternoons: By appointments
If you are unable to come in the morning, please call (404) 638.1839 from Monday to Thursday between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to make the appointments.
This office offers all programs and services, plus translations.


308 North Clayton St.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Tel. 678-205-1018.
Fax: 678-205-1018.
Financial Assistance: 770.676.2852
Public Benefits: 404.565.4844

How we served the public?
8:30 – 12:00pm
Closed – 12:00-1:00pm – Lunch Time
Open 1:00 – 5:00pm
Walk-in all day and if you need to schedule an appointment please call:
Tel. (678) 205-1018
This office offers all programs.


508 E Morris St. Dalton, GA 30721

Our experienced social workers, all of whom are bilingual, meet with clients face-to-face and follow up with them periodically for up to 90 days to ensure they have access to the tools they need to succeed. The department also provides community referrals and resources to our clients, as well as hosts partners on an almost daily basis to talk to our families about various topics, including family planning, financial literacy and child development. We also offer free parenting classes.

Family Well-Being opens Monday to Friday at 8:30 a.m., and clients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are unable to come in the morning, please call 404.638.1839 from Monday to Thursday between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. People without appointments should visit the Family Well-Being department before 8:00 a.m. 

To set-up a financial assistance pre-screening appointment, please call 404.638-1839, Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am -11:30am. For public benefits enrollment, please visit the Family Well-Being department weekdays before 8:30am.

We offer Family Well-Being services in our Atlanta and Lawrenceville offices.