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The Power of Bilingualism

Learn About the LAA’s Language Programs

Language forms the interconnected roots of a culture’s foundation. It is what ties everything together, it is what links us to one another. Learning a new language can gift us perspectives into new ways of thinking, expressions, and art. Bilingual speakers can reap cognitive benefits that can potentially help their longevity and creativity. The power of bilingualism can be the key to opening doors to employment opportunities by fulfilling the needs of a globalized workspace. Being able to speak multiple languages is a tool to explore different countries and their cultures, but most importantly it gives us the ability to connect with one another.

At the Latin American Association, we have been dedicated to building bridges between communities for over 50 years. Our passion is fueled by a shared language, a shared culture, and shared experiences. With decades of experience teaching ESL and Spanish, as well as providing translation services, we’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of bilingualism. We are proud to be the foundation of what brings individuals and families in Georgia together by helping our Latino community integrate while facilitating others to understand our culture.

Cognitive Power of Bilingualism

Learning a new language can change your brain. Research continues to substantiate the countless benefits that come with being bilingual. It’s a tool that empowers individuals and communities alike, paving the way for increased understanding, acceptance, and prosperity. According to an article published by Cerebrum, bilingualism strengthens cognitive abilities, enhances problem-solving skills, and develops creativity.

Learning a new language can earn you more money

Bilingualism opens up a world of possibilities. From cognitive enhancements to professional opportunities and income, the benefits are far-reaching. Being bilingual does not only enhance your cognitive abilities but it can also increase your income. According to research, bilinguals earned between 5% and 20% more than monolingual speakers. The results are reasonable given the fact that mastering a second language stimulates cognitive development, enhancing problem-solving abilities and nurturing creativity. Besides, there has been a huge increase in demand for employees with multiple languages, doubling from 2010 to 2015.

Learning Languages Can Transform Lives

One of our ESL students, Miguel Castillo, arrived to the U.S. 10 months ago. Miguel had a basic level of English but he understood the need to speak it fluently to move up the ladder not only at his job but generally in his new life in the U.S. He enrolled in the LAA’s ESL classes as he was waiting on his work permit to arrive.

After Miguel felt more comfortable with his English, he came to our Job Fair in March where he was able to secure a job. “Through the LAA I have received the mentoring I needed to obtain a job. They guided me step-by-step to clean my résumé, understand my transferable skills, and how to go about interviews in the US. I honestly have to thank the LAA for their guidance during this process.” Now that he is employed, he is still taking ESL classes with the LAA to feel more comfortable with his communication at work.

LAA’s Adult Education Program

For over two decades, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional language classes. Jim Curry, one of our most generous and loyal donors, first came to the LAA for Spanish classes. He enjoyed learning from our passionate teacher and discovered the mission behind our cause. Our language classes, available both in-person and online, are designed to provide an immersive, engaging learning experience. We are one of the few organizations that have certified ESL teachers.

Our instructors are composed of fluent and native-speaking teachers who bring years of experience and passion to the classroom. They create an environment that nurtures language learning in a natural, intuitive, and fun way. We believe that learning a new language is not just about memorization and grammar rules but also about cultivating a genuine love for the culture around it. Learn more about our Adult Education Program.

From July 2022 until June 2023, we have served over 3,000 students in our language programs.

Building Bridges Between Communities with Coffee Hour

Beyond the classroom, we offer Coffee Hour: a unique opportunity for networking and language reinforcement. It is a completely free and relaxed space where anyone like you can practice their language skills and build connections, while enjoying food! Come support the entrepreneurs from our Latina Empowerment Program who provide delicious food and desserts.

English, Spanish, and Portuguese Certified Translations

The Latin American Association has been doing certified translations for more than 20 years. There are many advantages to our translations as we offer rush services and keep a record of the translations we make. Anything from medical to legal documents, our translation services have got you covered. One of our clients wrote to us, “The translation department was awesome. Both Women I dealt with were so helpful and professional. I will recommend them to everyone.” We are proud to be an established and trusted provider of certified translations, having served over 5,000 clients in the past seven years alone.

Support Our Language Program

By supporting our language program, you are investing in the integration of our community and the future of the next generations. Together, we can continue to build bridges and empower individuals through the gift of language and power of bilingualism.

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