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Latino Youth Leadership Academy

Housed within the Latin American Association’s Youth Department, the Latino Youth Leadership Academy is an after-school program passionate about equipping the next generation of Latino youth with the right tools for them to succeed both academically and personally.

LYLA Themes:

  • College & Career Exploration
  • Workforce Development
  • Mental Health
  • Cultural Identity
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA & Scholarships)
  • Parent Guidance & Involvement

Program Benefits:

  • College & Career Readiness
  • Be amongst the first to hear about scholarships & financial aid opportunities
  • Opportunities to hear from leaders in the community
  • A space to be with your friends and meet new people
  • Be a part of field trips such as Atlanta Utd. games, Alliance Theater, corporate office visits, and college tours
  • Volunteering Opportunities

Partnering Schools:

  • Cross Keys High School
  • Meadowcreek High School
  • Chamblee High School
  • Lakeside High School
  • Dalton Academy
  • Lilburn Middle School
  • Sequoyah Middle School

Building Bright Futures: 42% of Students in This Program Hold a 3.5 GPA or Above! 42 of students that receive services from the LAA hold a 3.5 GPA or above!


Don’t See Your School Here?

We offer programming for all students in Atlanta, Dalton, and beyond.

LYLA Events

The Latino Youth Leadership Conference
LYLA’s keynote event will be the Latino Youth Leadership Conference. The LYLC is here to motivate Latinx students to pursue higher education and continue the conversation of exploring pathways to be successful; whether that is a 4-year college, a technical school, or a trade school.

Contact information

Service Centers:

  • Dekalb

Pathway to College: A 3-Part Virtual Workshop

Program Description

Join the Latin American Association for our virtual series, “Pathway to College.” This 3-part program is designed for both students and parents to navigate the journey from high school to college and beyond. Whether you’re figuring out what comes next after high school or need guidance on college admissions and financial aid, we’ve got you covered. Sessions are available at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. each day, offering the same information in both English and Spanish. This will be offered in the spring and fall periods. Registration is required.

72% of Participants Rated Pathway to College 5 Stars for Empowering Their Future Choices!


  • Open to all high school students and their parents.
  • Free registration

Program Benefits:

  • Informed Choices: Learn the pros and cons of 2-year versus 4-year programs, trade schools, and various fields.
  • Admissions Guidance: Get advice on SAT, ACT, Accuplacer tests, application essays, and more. Understand the admissions timeline and terms.
  • Financial Aid Info: Understand the types of grants, scholarships, loans, and the FAFSA process.
  • Bilingual: Information presented in both English and Spanish.


  • Registration is required to attend. Session times are at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

College & Career Resources (Year-round services)

College & Career Advising for High Schoolers

Program Description

The LAA Youth Services provides individualized counseling for 12th-grade students, covering crucial topics like FAFSA, college applications, career advising, scholarships, opportunities for international and DACA/undocumented students. Register below to schedule virtual appointments.

Note: Our role is to serve as an informational hub; we do not apply for college & career opportunities on behalf of the students. However, we do offer a comprehensive list of scholarships and resources.


  • Open to all high schoolers (12th grade).
  • Free registration

Program Benefits:

  • Focused Career Guidance: Undivided attention and advice to each student’s unique situation and goals.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Get access to an extensive list of scholarships and other valuable resources.
  • Cost-Free: This service is entirely free.
  • Virtual Appointments: Receive counseling anywhere.


  • To request assistance or schedule an appointment, please fill out our form [intake form], call (404) 638-1839 or visit our office.

Service Centers

  • Virtual Appointments.

Our partners are: Emory, Georgia State, Kennesaw, Oglethorp, GPTC, UGA, Dalton State College

VOE: Career and Education Window at the Mexican Consulate

Program Description

The Career and Education Window (Ventanilla de Orientación Educativa or VOE) is a special program in partnership with the Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta. It offers valuable advising and orientations for students and parents on an array of topics including college options, financial aid, scholarships, and workforce development. Sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday at the Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta.


  • Open to all students and parents interested in education and career development.
  • No prior registration required.

Program Benefits:

  • Diverse Educational Paths: Get information about 2-year and 4-year college programs as well as technical schools.
  • Financial Guidance: Learn about financial aid and scholarships.
  • Workforce Development: Gain insights into career opportunities and how to prepare for them.

Session Details

  • Days: Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Location: Consulate General of Mexico, Atlanta
  • Español