The LAA has unveiled a new look that more accurately reflects the organization’s values and the community it serves.

LAA-May-192The core of the LAA’s new look is the LAA blossom, created by Atlanta-based global branding firm Iconologic. After conducting interviews focused on what the organization means to various constituents, including families served by the organization, youth program participants, staff, funders, board members, program partners and volunteers, Iconologic found that a strong sense of cultural pride and identity cuts across national boundaries. The LAA blossom was created, an image that evokes what the Latin American Association represents.

“We love the LAA blossom because it tells a story of hope, of home, of endless potential,” says LAA Executive Director Jeffrey Tapia. “Some see a flower. Others see a heart, an embrace, una falda, or a skirt, a cultural reference from every Latin American country.”

The logo, in bright shades of yellow/orange/red, is bold, simple, Latino and colorful.

“We value the culture and contributions of Latin American immigrants,” Tapia says. “Through our work, we strengthen and celebrate the Latin American experience. That’s what the blossom stands for.”