The LAA is deeply concerned over attempt to deport prominent DREAMer

Jessica Colotl, a recipient of protection under the deportation deferral program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), has lost her protected status and faces deportation.

Brought to the United States as a young child, Jessica’s case made national headlines in 2010 when she was stopped at Kennesaw State University for a traffic violation and detained by federal immigration authorities.

Released after 37 days in immigration detention, Jessica received DACA protection in 2013 and held that protection until May 3, 2017 when it was revoked.

The LAA believes that this revocation raises some concerns due to the fact that her DACA application was approved after having been fully vetted and renewed on more than one occasion. Additionally, the revocation of her protected status runs counter to the public statements of President Trump that DACA recipients should “rest easy.”

The LAA encourages the Trump administration to stand by its promises and to protect Jessica and the other 28,000 young Georgians who have received DACA—young people who have all passed a criminal background check, are working and attending school and are fulfilling critical roles in the state economy.