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Savoring Culture: Sharing Our Comfort Foods for Hispanic Heritage Month 

From September 15th to October 15th, we honor and recognize Hispanic Heritage Month by showcasing the many parts of Latino culture. Besides iconic artists, groundbreaking musicians, words and phrases loaned into many other languages, and popular dance styles, food and family are vital to Latino culture. Our dishes have been passed down from grandparents to parents and then to us. They’re not just delicious flavors; they also hold traditions, love, and a feeling of being part of something special. We hope you join us in preparing some of these recipes during Hispanic Heritage Month this year – and beyond! 

We at the LAA would like to share our family and food love with you for Hispanic Heritage Month. Below are a few of our favorite comfort foods! Please post yourself cooking or eating them and on Instagram and tag the LAA (@thelaa). We’ll reshare the photos and videos which best embody the spirit of Hispanic Heritage Month. Not much of a cook? That’s no problem, you can still get involved! September is also Hunger Action Month. Our food pantry welcomes your cash donations for bulk food purchases that will enable us to support our community’s ability to put nutritious, comforting, and culturally relevant food on their tables. 

Donate to the LAA food pantry for Hispanic Heritage Month 

Donate to the LAA food pantry in honor of a loved one 


Empanada – Mexico

Receta en español                                          Recipe in English 

Crispy, flaky pockets of goodness that crumble when you take a bite. The delicious smell of the fillings, whether it’s seasoned ground beef or savory vegetables and cheese, tempts your senses, promising a flavorful experience with every bite.  


Picadillo – Cuba 

Receta en español                                          Recipe in English 

A delightful mix of sweet and savory. You can smell the ground beef cooking with cinnamon and garlic, and when you taste it, you’ll enjoy the delightful combination of raisins and olives that adds sweet and tangy flavors. It’s like a symphony of taste in your mouth. 

Ropa Vieja – Cuba 

Receta en español                                          Recipe in English 

First, the air fills with the inviting smell of simmering beef, bell peppers, and onions in a savory tomato sauce. Then with every bite, the soft shreds of beef soak up the flavors, creating a mix of textures and a taste that feels like a comforting hug. 

Baleada – Honduras 

Receta en español                                          Recipe in English 

The warm homemade flour tortilla smells inviting and has a soft, chewy texture. When you take a bite, you’ll savor the creamy refried beans, crumbled cheese, and sour cream, creating a delicious mix of flavors that feel like a taste of hospitality. 


Ajiaco – Colombia 

Receta en español                                          Recipe in English 

You can smell the delicious broth of this nourishing soup as it simmers, and when you taste it, you’ll find hearty potatoes, corn, and tender meat. A drizzle of cream on top makes it silky and rich, a cozy classic for all. 

Hispanic culture is a colorful tapestry of numerous elements including food, family, and tradition. As we come together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we not only acknowledge the deep significance of family ties in this cultural mosaic, but also enjoy the delicious flavors of dishes that have been lovingly prepared for generations. Please join us in our celebrations on Instagram for Hispanic Heritage Month, and support the LAA food pantry in combatting food insecurity and hunger in the Latino community for Hunger Action Month. Together we can value the richness of Hispanic culture through respecting and preserving the customs that add flavor and connectivity to our world. 

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