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Latin American Association to add second office in Dalton

Latin American Association to add second office in Dalton   

The Latin American Association is expanding its services in Dalton, Georgia, to amplify its efforts to serve the large Latino community in the city. The LAA opened the Dalton Outreach Center/Mohawk Green Plant in 2019 to improve access to critically needed services and resources for the rapidly-growing Latino community in Northwest Georgia. The 2019 expansion into Dalton was made possible thanks to the partnership and commitment of Mohawk Industries.

The new office, the LAA’s second in Northwest Georgia, is located in the Mack Gaston Community Center, 218 N. Fredrick St.

“It’s remarkable how much the demand for our services has grown since we opened our first offices at Mohawk’s Green Plant only three years ago,” said Santiago Marquez, CEO of the LAA. “The expansion of the LAA in Dalton will have a tremendous impact on a growing Hispanic community.”

Known as the “Carpet Capital of the World,” Dalton produces an incredible 75% of the world’s carpets and rugs. The industry helps to create more than $8 billion in economic activity each year.

Dalton has a population of 34,285 people, and Latinos make up more than half (52.5%) of its residents.

The Latin American Association, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022, is a non-profit organization that works to support Latinos in Georgia, with five different departments focused on Immigration, Economic Empowerment, Family Well-Being, Youth Services and Civic Engagement.


About The LAA
The LAA is one of Georgia’s leading Hispanic organizations offering a variety of services to the community, from children to the elderly in all stages of life, including rental and food assistance, immigration assistance, economic empowerment, and adult education. (language classes) and youth services.


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