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Verónica Mejía – From Querétaro to Atlanta

From Breaking Paradigms in Querétaro to Building Dreams in Atlanta

Verónica Mejía is an entrepreneur who helps build effective systems, businesses, dreams, but most importantly, she helps build people. She is an inspiring entrepreneur who went from breaking paradigms that stop people from achieving their dreams in Querétaro to helping businesses grow to their full potential in Atlanta. Verónica graduated as a psychologist from one of the most respected universities in Mexico, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

Verónica moved to Querétaro, a state in Mexico that she compares to Atlanta because of the diversity in industries, job opportunities, and economic help from the government. This was the ideal place for her to start her business.

Verónica’s company, Human Vision & Business Job, helps businesses’ finances, personnel recruitment, and publicity among many other things. Through her expertise, Verónica has helped over 20 businesses achieve their goals. One of her clients, Plastek Mexico, is based in North Carolina. Verónica’s team participated in the design of the financial and fiscal strategy which saved $2 million in the fiscal area and led to a $1 million capital increase.

Innovation is at the heart of Human Vision’s philosophy. “It is very important to be at the forefront of innovation because you will ultimately anticipate trends. After the pandemic we all realized how fast changes can take place,” Verónica explains. Human Vision’s innovation led to its expansion in Spain and now Atlanta. Through online recruitment, Verónica and her team are able to find talented employees for businesses that otherwise might not be accessible to them. “It is important to connect with different people because of all the knowledge we can learn from them. Having representatives in Mexico and Spain gives us a lot of insights. A big part of our value is that we can find recruits for you from anywhere in the world.”

When Verónica arrived to Atlanta, unfortunately, open arms were not always the case in other organizations, but Verónica did not give up. A friend of hers mentioned the LAA and she explains, “When I got here (to the LAA) everyone was very open and gave me a warm welcome. I see people of different ages and a lot of diversity which is what we want in businesses.” Verónica completed the 8-week program from Avanzando Juntas and later on became a member of ACCIONA. Here she has been able to grow alongside hard-working Latina entrepreneurs. “Regardless of the situation, we are all one. We are all part of the same association, working towards a common goal. Helping others grow.”

The Latina Empowerment Programs at the Latin American Association provides female entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to improve their businesses, grow as professionals, and accomplish their dream of being self-sufficient.

Verónica, among many other entrepreneurs, received extensive training and built a community of women that encourage each other. The Latina Empowerment Programs’ experienced professors empower Latinas by guiding them in setting ambitious goals while following up to ensure they overcome obstacles and turn their dreams into reality. “It feels like being in a big family. When I mention I have doubts, they all want to help me find solutions. Ernesto Gonzalez, ACCIONA’s Manager, makes weekly meetings to talk about how we are feeling, what we think about the courses, and what actions we are going to take afterward in a way that is aligned with growth.” Verónica emphasizes that working together is crucial for success. “We can all achieve success if we work together because a group of women is stronger than anything! With a common goal in mind, we will achieve more things than pursuing it individually.”

Verónica is a prime example of how obstacles should be viewed as opportunities for growth, whether that is personal, financial, or interpersonal development.

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