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The Hispanics share of the U.S. workforce continues to grow at a rapid pace. By 2024, Hispanics are expected to make up 20% of the labor force, up from 15% in 2011.

For many Latino immigrants, low English-language proficiency, low educational levels and lack of college or professional credentials constitute major barriers to labor force participation and career advancement.

Our Employment Department offers an array of services for professional and semi-professional job seekers. Job seekers have access to recruiting sessions with top Atlanta employers and a robust job bank. We work closely with employers to understand what they are looking for in potential hires and to assist them in recruiting bilingual talent. Our annual Career Expo attracts hundreds of bilingual job seekers every year

Employers and Jobseekers seeking to participate in any of the events listed below should contact Rebecca Christenberry at or 404-638-1800.

To access our 2022 employment calendar, click here.


Mónica Cucalón
Managing Director, Economic Empowerment

Rebecca Christenberry
Employment Coordinator


Certificación en supply chain

Curso 100% en línea

Inscríbete antes del 23 de septiembre

Georgia Tech y la Asociación Latinoamericana te ofrecen el curso: Principios de gestión de la cadena de suministros. En español y en inglés.
Las clases inician el 28 de septiembre.
  • Duración: 6 semanas (40 horas)
  • El curso no tiene costo.
  • Cupos limitados.
  • Al final del curso recibirás un certificado de Georgia Tech.
*Ser mayor de 18 años
*Tener permiso de trabajo
*Inglés moderado
*Tener secundaria o diploma GED (puede ser de tu país)
*Tener acceso a una computadora.

Para más información, comunícate con



Would you like to start a career in banking? Want a career path in the finance sector with access to promotions as you grow?

This program might be what you’ve been looking for!

You will have great opportunities to find a job in the bank industry.

Get ready for great classes, online site visits, and the job you’ve been dreaming of!


Jose Valer | UIF Program Coordinator

Phone: .404.638.1802 | Email:

Examples of Jobs Waiting for You: Bank Teller | Customer Service Representative | Relationship Banker

Program Requirements:

  • Eighteen (18) or older
  • Fully Bilingual (in English and any other language)
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • No Felonies
  • Experience in Customer Service and Cash Handling (at least 6 months)
  • Basic Computer Literacy
Classes will start on October 4
Tue & Thu 6 – 8 p.m. and Sat 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.· Thursday, September 1 | 6:00 p.m.
· Thursday, September 8 | 6:00 p.m.
· Thursday, September 13 | 6:00 p.m.

(Link will be provided once you register)

How to Register:

  1. You must attend an orientation to learn about the program. The orientations will be held online.
  2. After the orientation, you will receive a link to apply for the program.
  3. If you are pre-selected, you will receive an email with the date and time for an interview.
  4. The LAA will announce the selected participants via email.

The Latin American Association offers Employment Orientation Services to assist individuals in their job search and career development. Our program is designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance to help individuals find employment, create an effective resume, and prepare for job interviews. Our mission is to equip you with the necessary resources and guidance to secure a rewarding job that aligns with your skills, aspirations, and career goals.

Wednesdays, 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

LAA Auditorium 3

At the LAA, we will help you find a job and thrive in the U.S.

Come take advantage of our resources:

  • Immediate Employment Opportunities
  • Job Search Options
  • Guide to create a resume
  • Guide for the interview and more


LAA Online Job Bank

online job bank

Job Seekers: Visit our bank to find your job! Upload your resume so employers can find you!

Watch this video to learn how to do it.

We work with employers, including large & small businesses, multinational corporations, and government agencies in order to stay on top of current hiring needs. The postings are constantly changing with new openings, so register to use our Bank, upload your résumé and receive emails alerts from the jobs you want.

Click here to access the Job Bank

LAA Resume Workshops

Update or start your resume with one of our corporate partners!

We will have resume workshops with volunteers from our various corporate partners throughout the year. They will suggest the best way to showcase your experience to future employers.

Job Fairs

job fairs

Recruitment events where Employers or Staffing Agencies will be hiring for different industries and positions. Check our calendar of events at the top of this page and join us with copies of your resume. Events will be held onsite at the LAA Second Floor 10 am – 1 pm. Register at the link provided for each event. Registration links will be provided approximately 3 weeks ahead of the event.

Assistance for Bilingual Professionals

UpGlo (Upwardly Global) is focused on helping foreign-trained immigrants and refugees integrate into the American workforce. They provide soft skill training and job coaching to help bilingual candidates find that first professional job in the US. The program is free.

  • How to Apply
    1. Fill out UpGlo’s online application:
    2. Click Submit
    3. UpGlo will contact you within a few days

Technology Center









Job seekers can work on their résumé, and job search at our state-of-the-art Technology Center donated by LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) and COX Enterprises Inc.

Develop your digital skills and find resources that will help you in your job search. The center is open 9 am-5 pm every day. We also hold Computer Classes in Spanish open to the public. Click here for more information.


LAA offers a menu of services to assist employers with their hiring needs. Our goal is to connect them with the job seekers in the community. If you need customized services, please contact us and we will explore options to better serve you.

Mini Job Fairs: Scheduled throughout the year, these recruitment events host 5-10 employers on site at the LAA in Atlanta. LAA will take care of the event planning, the promotion of the event in the community and the registration of the job seekers to you. Fees apply. Employers interested in participating in any of these fairs, please contact Rebecca Christenberry.

Corporate Recruitment Events: Same as the Mini Job Fairs, but only one employer will be in the room. Event can be hosted at the company’s choice of location. LAA will take care of the event planning, the promotion of the event in the community and the registration of the job seekers. Fees apply. If interested in this option please contact Rebecca Christenberry.

LAA Online Job Bank: Share your hiring needs with the community by posting your employment opportunities and search through a pool of more than 3,000 resumes for qualified candidates. Fees apply depending on the services you select with discounts available for selected positions. Please contact Rebecca Christenberry for more information.

Click here to visit our Job Bank and at the top go to Employers.

Annual Career Expo: Atlanta’s premier career fair for bilingual individuals looking for employment opportunities. The Career Expo brings together hundreds of qualified job seekers and more than 40 companies, government agencies and nonprofits seeking for bilingual staff.

For more information click here

Employers who are interested in participating must contact us at

online job bank

Job seekers: Visit our bank to find your job! Either you can search the posted open positions or/and you can upload your resume.

Employers: Post your opening in our bank to find your next employee!

We work with employers, including large & small businesses, multinational corporations and government agencies, in order to stay on top of current hiring needs. The postings are constantly changing with new openings, so job seekers are invited to register by creating a free account, upload your résumé and receive emails alerts from the jobs you want.

Employers are invited to post their openings & search for candidates in a pool of more than 3,000 job seekers to fill your positions.

Click here to access the Job Bank

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