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Eva Rodriguez, Director of Northwest Georgia

    Eva Rodriguez is a fiery, fun loving, dynamic, talented professional and leader with a passion to empower others. She has mentored children, teenagers and adults through either her profession, ministry or personally for over twenty years. Eva’s passion for her community is innate, serving her community no matter where she resides as an advocate, educator and mentor to many. She has served in various communities in Kentucky, Tennessee and now Georgia. Her own personal passion to better serve her community and empower those around her keeps her on the move. She serves on multiple boards, ensuring that in all conversations the Latino voice is heard.  


    As the Director of Northwest Georgia for the Latin American Association, Eva is directing the newest outreach center, its services, growth and further establishing the reputation of the LAA. In a little over a year, Eva has obtained over eighty community partners to align with the work the LAA is doing in NWGA. One of her favorites is a strong and intimate relationship with the staff and students of a very special school in Dalton, Georgia, Morris Innovative High School. This particular relationship comes from the desire Eva has to empower young Latino students who have recently arrived to Georgia and the United States. Eva provides staff, teachers, students and their families the tools and resources they need to succeed and thrive, embodying the very mission of the LAA. She works and services the students at Morris Innovative High School daily, as staff and students reach out to her for guidance and direction.