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Dear friend,

I hope your Spring is blossoming with success! Today, I want to share the inspiring story of Blanca Arango, a resilient small business owner whose life has been transformed by generous donors like you. Blanca’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and community support.

Blanca hails from a strong, women-led family in the Colombian countryside. Her upbringing involved hard work alongside her mom and siblings, toiling in the campo. Despite the physical strain, she developed an unwavering work ethic—a quality that would serve her well in the years to come. When Blanca immigrated to the US with her husband, their dreams were met with unexpected challenges. Her husband was required to return home, but Blanca, undeterred, made a home for herself here. She embraced the spirit of resilience, securing any job she could find and worked tirelessly to support her family.

Blanca encountered the Latin American Association, who saw beyond her role as a school cook. Our leaders recognized her potential as an entrepreneur. Fueled by their encouragement, she took a bold step: opening her own business—Girdles World—a Colombian shapewear store catering to both women and men. In 2015, with her hard-earned savings, she launched her first store at Plaza Fiesta. While she built her brand, Blanca honed her English skills at the LAA by taking English language classes. Just as she was fueled by our support team, her desire to learn English and her work ethic, the Latin American Association is fueled by YOU and your support.

“At the LAA,” Blanca shares, “I found the personal and professional support that my life needed.”

Blanca’s path continues to evolve. She enrolled in the LAA’s Latina Empowerment Program, Avanzando Juntas, with plans toward opening her second store. Our programming is supported by folks like you. With your gift, you will enable more women
to fulfill their dreams of taking charge of their own life. Your gift will keep ALL of our clients from losing hope with the barriers they face. Right now, we need you to pitch in $5, $20, $50, $100, or if you can do $250, to help the Latino community thrive.

Blanca’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact of YOUR support. Your support has made Blanca’s journey possible, and we continue to do this work for all who come to us seeking support. You are an integral facet in the work we do at the LAA, from our programs in workforce development, to emergency assistance for families in need, to youth mentorship and guidance. Together, WE empower dreams, transform lives, and create lasting impact. Thank you for being part of this remarkable story.

Please join us in making a difference today with your generous donation to our Spring Campaign. Your support matters more than ever.

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