With new mandates of the Affordable Care Act coming into effect in 2014, the LAA is playing a key role in informing the public, doing outreach in the community and promoting enrollment for the uninsured and others who qualify to buy insurance in the new health insurance exchanges, also known as marketplace. Thanks to a federal grant, the LAA has hired a Spanish-speaking navigator who is trained and certified to help individuals understand their health coverage options and enroll in a marketplace plan.

A navigator is able to help consumers, small businesses and small business employees as they look for health coverage options through the marketplace, including completing eligibility and enrollment forms. Navigators are required to be unbiased, and their services are free to consumers.

“There are many Hispanics in metro Atlanta and north Georgia who are going to be eligible to buy insurance in the marketplace and we want to reach out to them,” said LAA Executive Director Jeffrey Tapia. “It is our job to provide information and to make sure that those who qualify to buy health insurance in the new exchanges know they are eligible.”

The new health insurance marketplace helps uninsured people find health coverage. In some states like Georgia the marketplace is run by the federal government.

FALL 2013