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The ACCIONA Business Center is a key component of the Latin American Association’s Latina Entrepreneurship Program, ¡Avanzando Juntas!

The ACCIONA business center is a collaborative program designed to help Latinas’ new startups and early-stage businesses succeed. The sole purpose of ACCIONA is to help Latina entrepreneurs upscale their businesses and stimulate job growth. From our modern spaces and conference room, to our networking events, ACCIONA can make it easy to take your business and brand to the next level.

ACCIONA is a 12-month business accelerator program located in the Latin American Association’s building at the Atlanta location.

Who can participate in ACCIONA?

Latina entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners in the state of Georgia who graduated from the Latina Entrepreneurship Program, ¡Avanzando Juntas! In order to be part of the accelerator they will also need to provide:

  • A Business Plan
  • Sales projection (cash flow) for 3 years
  • A Georgia business licensed (registration)

What we offer?

If your business is accepted into the incubator, you will receive resources to help you build your business. These may include affordable office space, utilities, internet service, printer, access to a conference room, and other professional and technical assistant services.

In the future, according with the progression of the businesses, we may arrange pitch meetings, in which you can discuss your business with angel investors. Also, there are networking opportunities; even if you do not have an investor, you will likely meet numerous community business leaders.

ACCIONA offers physical, technical, and business resources to help women build their microbusiness.

Phase 1

  • Affordable office space (5 days a week, business hours 8am to 6pm; 6 days a week when the LAA building open to the general public)
  • Mentors (one on one meetings)
  • Workshops
  • Networking events
  • Equipment: Printer, TV monitors for presentations, office furniture and supplies
  • Room spaces: conference room, access to LAA auditoriums
  • Technical assistant services, coaching and mentorships
  • Utilities: internet service, water and electricity
  • Kitchen (eat in dining area)
  • Free parking

Phase 2

In the future according with the progression of the businesses, we may arrange pitch meetings, in which the participants can discuss their business with angel investors.

ACCIONA participants

  • Niurka Rosales, Mi Estilo de Fiesta
  • Lourdes Moscoso, Tu Casa en Georgia
  • Amarilys Gonzalez, AMA Spa
  • Jumarie Flores, Perfect Goal Marketing
  • Mariana Gomez, Brand Builders
  • Lorena Ladera, Namaste Move OM
  • Lina Alexandra Sucerquia, Latintax Multisevices & Solutions LLC

Registration link

At the moment all the offices are occupied, but we maintain an active waiting list through this link

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