The LAA Blossom

These colorful images from across Latin America provided inspiration for the LAA blossom.

PrimaryLAA_Vertical_RGB_whitebkgdWe wanted to create a new visual identity that truly reflects our values, our brand and the community we serve.  We conducted research and interviews, and what we saw over and over was a strong sense of cultural pride and identity that cuts across national boundaries. We created an image that evokes what the Latin American Association represents. We call it the LAA blossom.  It’s simple, bold, Latino and colorful.

We conceived the blossom as the core of our new look because it tells a story of hope, of home, of endless potential. Some see a flower. Others a heart, an embrace, una falda, or a skirt, a cultural reference from every Latin American country.

We value the culture and contributions of Latin American immigrants. Through our work, we strengthen and celebrate the Latin American experience. This is what the blossom stands for.

April 2015