We are Atlanta’s largest provider of Spanish-language instruction for over 20 years. Our Spanish-language program uses a communicative approach to language learning in order to help students of all levels achieve fluency. We focus on creating an environment that encourages students to feel comfortable to make mistakes so that they can learn and interact with their classmates to become fluent. All of our teachers are native speakers of Spanish from all over the world, or have native speaker proficiency. Unlike others programs, our teachers have Bachelor degrees and some even have a Master’s.

At the Latin American Association, we teach standard Spanish that is considered the correct form of the language. However, we do teach students regional differences in vocabulary and pronunciation. There are many factors that influence how long it will take someone to learn a language, including motivation, experience learning a foreign language and time. It takes approximately 2 years for students to move to the Advanced Level, although you should be able to communicate in Spanish on a limited basis in a short period of time. Learning a language is a long process and it may last a lifetime.

We use as much Spanish as possible in the class, but it is not a total immersion program. Logically, the use of Spanish by the teacher increases with each level.


Sandra Achury
Managing Director, Economic Empowerment

Lana Gavrilov
Adult Education Director

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Starbucks The Coffee Hour
Join us every Tuesday and Wednesday, 5:30 to
6:30pm,to practice Spanish and English
while sharing coffee and pastries donated by
Starbucks in an informal environment.Location: 2750 Buford Hwy NE Atlanta GA